PEARL is founded by Codarts Rotterdam. In addition to the in-house experts, the PEARL consortium consists of several institutes and organizations. Combining different fields of expertise and collaborating with diverse health and sports organizations is necessary to tackle the complex and various problems that are being investigated by PEARL. PEARL joins forces with Erasmus MC, National Centre Performing Arts, de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fysiotherapie in Sportgezondheidszorg (NVFS), Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut (Npi) and Sports Medicine Rotterdam.

The various organizations collaborating with PEARL all support and recognize the importance of next stage support in the field of physical and mental health. Through close collaboration with field labs at dance companies such as the Dutch National Ballet, orchestras as Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and sport teams as the Feyenoord Youth Academy, PEARL ensures that its ‘Team Around The Artist and Athlete’ are supported by company specific research and developments.