PEARL offers next stage support for performing artists and elite athletes; support to prevent and reduce physical & mental health problems and to help them reach the biggest stage. PEARL is the first research center in the world linking performing arts, sports, education, science and business. PEARL consists of several field labs where research is conducted.

About our field labs
Each field lab contains of state-of-the-art equipment to screen and monitor the health of performing artists and athletes. Data is collected under the supervision of embedded scientists. After that, data is translated into relevant information for performing artists, athletes and their staff. An online web-based tool, the Performing artist and Athletes Health Monitor (PAHM), enables dance companies, orchestras, sport teams, universities and universities of applied sciences to collect and analyze data on the health problems of their artists and athletes. More than a thousand performing artists and athletes use this tool to monitor their health. This results in one of the biggest data sets in the world targeting athletes’ and artists’ health.

How we use data
This data enables PEARL to detect an increased risk of physical injuries or mental problems at an early stage. Evidence based advice can be given to prevent those injuries. With the “Team Around The Artist & Athlete” method, smart tools and an evidence based approach PEARL helps to prevent and reduce physical & mental health problems and to optimizes the wellbeing and performances of artists and athletes.