Below you can read more about our projects. To read our published work, please see our publications.

Fit to Perform
Fit to Perform is executed in collaboration with The Dutch National Ballet and aims to reduce health problems, optimize health and maximize the performance of dancers.
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Team Around The Artist Model
PEARL has developed a multidisciplinary Team Around the Artist (TATA) model where science is integrated into the health care for performers and athletes.
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Performing artist and Athlete Health Monitor
To monitor the physical and mental health of performing artists and athletes an online tool was developed; the Performing artist and Athlete Health Monitor (PAHM).
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The Student Life Monitor
The aim of the project is to gain insight into the amount, risk factors and preventive measures regarding injuries, mental complaints and illnesses of our Codarts bachelor students by using the Student Life Monitor.
Monitoring your TRAIning Load
Recent studies investigating the internal and external load in team sports emphasize the need to find the optimal training zone to improve performance and decrease injury risk.
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Aerobic fitness in contemporary dance
This PhD project focuses on the aerobic demands of contemporary dance and the aerobic capacity of contemporary dance students.
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Health problems, risk factors and prevention in pre-professional musicians
In this PhD project students of the Classical Music Department of Codarts are monitored.
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Injuries in pre-professional dancers: a performance psychological approach
This PhD project investigates the association between mental factors and injury risk.
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Effects of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of performing arts students
The aim of this project is to compare the physical and mental health of students during the pre-COVID-19 period, the COVID-19 period and the post-period.
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PEARL performance lab
Performance anxiety is a common problem for many musicians. In this project PEARL is developing a Performance Lab, in which music students can practice their performance or audition in front of a virtual audience.