Stephanie Keizer-Hulsebosch

Head of Student Life / embedded scientist

My job at PEARL
Board member and one of the founding partners of PEARL.

Which means…
In my role at PEARL I am key responsible for research on our multidisciplinary Team Around the Artist approach (TATA) where science is integrated into health care and performance practice with a strong emphasis on developing and structuring effective health and performance programs tailored to the needs of dance companies, orchestras, performing arts universities and higher education institutions. Ultimate aim is to empower performing artists and athletes to get the most out of their performance potential in a healthy sustainable way. Professionals from three domains work together in a multidisciplinary and integrated way to provide the student with the best possible information, training, care and guidance.

I coordinate current research at the Dutch National Ballet’s transformative “Fit to Perform” project. In addition, I generate collaborations with (inter)national partners and acquisition for new research opportunities and advise on communication strategy and implementation of PEARL.

I admire…
Michaela de Prince for courageously sharing her life story, how she managed challenges she faced as a dancer whilst injured and how she used this as an opportunity to focus on her charity work on projects such as War Child.

In addition, I have a huge respect for those parents, siblings and friends who play a pivotal and selfless role in encouraging and supporting their talented child or friend on their path to achieving their dreams.

Besides PEARL…
I am head of Student Life at Codarts Rotterdam. In that capacity I have initiated, developed and introduced the Student Life Program, manage the Student Life team including the Performing Arts Health team and oversee the delivery and quality of all Student Life services offered to students at Codarts.

In my free time I enjoy acting, fitness and skiing, and spending time outdoors with my family and dog.

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