Annemiek Tiemens

PhD student / embedded scientist

My job at PEARL
Board member of PEARL and an embedded scientist/ PhD student at Codarts Rotterdam.

Which means…
For PEARL I focus on the dissemination of knowledge from our own project as well as from other (inter)national research projects with a focus on physical and mental health in performing artists and athletes.

Within Codarts I am the contact person for the Student Life Monitor for dance, circus and musical theatre students. I plan and execute the testing, and make sure that they complete the questionnaires. My PhD project focusses on the physical load within contemporary dance and the physical health of contemporary dance students.

I admire…
Our international students who have to leave everything behind in their own country to study at Codarts.

Besides PEARL…
I work on improving my own physical health by going to the gym and taking ballet classes.

My LinkedIn page

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