The professional world of performing arts and sports revolves around excellence and success. As a consequence physical and psychological demands are high. That makes performing artists and athletes prone to health problems. If they are fit and healthy they are better able to realise their full potential and succeed at a professional level. Good level of health literacy and access to the best health care services and evidence based training practices is necessary. In achieving this, the importance of a proper organizational structure, teamwork and nurturing  environment is often underestimated.

PEARL has developed a multidisciplinary Team Around the Artist (TATA) model where science is integrated into the health care for performers and athletes. With the TATA model, PEARL develops and structures effective health and performance programs tailored to the needs of dance companies, orchestras, performing arts universities and higher education institutions. Professionals from three domains work together in a multidisciplinary, integrated and well-organized way to provide the performer or athlete with the best possible information, training, care and guidance.

TATA facilitates the communication between stakeholders, such as health professionals and performers. This project is funded by Codarts Rotterdam.