Diana van Winden

PhD student / embedded scientist

My job at PEARL
I am one of the embedded scientists at PEARL and a PhD student at Codarts Rotterdam.

Which means…
My work focusses specifically on the mental health of performing artists and athletes. My PhD project is about the mental part of dance injuries: are there any specific mental risk factors for injuries, and how does your mental health impact your recovery process and vice versa. I try to connect the physical part of health with our mental health, in order to show that both are very important to become a top athlete or performer.

Within Codarts I’m part of the Student Life Monitor team and help execute physical tests and distribute questionnaires.

I am fascinated by…
Every talent who has the dream to become a top athlete or performer and is willing to do whatever it takes. I’m always so inspired by their determination, focus and mental strength!

Besides PEARL…
I’m a sport psychologist who’s working with a diverse group of athletes. I just finished my post-academic study sport psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam. Besides that I’m working on improving my own health and love to visit and learn about a broad variety of sports.

My LinkedIn page

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