Daphne Karreman

Embedded Scientist

My job at PEARL
Expert in qualitative research; my main focus is on usability and user experience of PAHM.

Which means…
I perform qualitative research to understand how artists and athletes experience the use of PAHM and what they need in PAHM to gain insight in their health and injury risks. By using methods for qualitative research and data analysis, and knowledge about cognitive ergonomics and user experience, I provide recommendations for improving PAHM.

I admire…
The cellists of Apocalyptica. They have a classical background in playing cello, and now perform at popular festivals and clubs as metal band. They started playing Metallica songs, but kept being innovative and come up with surprising new songs for years already.

Besides PEARL…
I like to be active and busy. Playing hockey, playing cello and violin making are my favourite ways to spend my free time. Nevertheless, these activities now have to compete with my new hobby; playing with my little son.

My LinkedIn page.


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